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Housemaster F aka Fresh Frankie / Frank Littmann is a DJ and producer from Germany / Zittau / Saxony - Music Inspired early on he-was interested in the cool 80's Dance Music - His Highligts from this time include bands such as Abba, Depeche Mode, Yazoo, or the film Beat Street, and are from 1987/88 and Acid-era Chicago but also disco, funk and dance music to Italo

Dj since 1994: 

 and then he called himself "DJ Cap" - He put on Zittau many techno parties and around his home town important stages "48 hour party" -Club-Villa/Zittau '95, "resident DJ" Barbarella in '95 / 96 (then the only techno club in Zittau), "Deep Forest" -Jugendclub/Obergurig '97 (together with F. George, Frank Davis / Beat House), "Sound inspiration" Youth Club Olbersdorf '97, the "City Groove II" -Rathauskeller/Zittau '97 (along with Steve Caine, Shandy, Frank Davis, Kyau vs. Albert / Live) , "Definition of House" Viva Night Bar / Zittau '97, "Start It Up" Techno-Club "octane" / Bautzen '98 (also including Allen Allien, Gunjah, Frank Davis, George F.) ... and ..... specially organized parties: "Hey Mr. DJ" in Muk / plane '98, "the Global Beats" club Friesenstraße / Zittau '05 "release party / beginner EP" in the Mosquito / Zittau '08-Start and a party-line "Back to the roots-MAX MIX" -Mosquito/Zittau '08 (Max Mix 2 '09, Max Mix 3 '10) -as a radio DJ, he gained experience in the ........ of Mr. Beam Side gegründedem Net radio "Radio GF Senftenberg" from October 08 to July '09 and what it no longer is - Min two 60th House mixes were sent to live in "Radio Sputnik Lounge Night"

Producer since1998:

"Dance 2005" (original house version 08:00)

"What is" (freshs disco house version 07:07)/2007

"beginner EP"/2008

radio EP Free Album/2009

extended long versions/EP/2009

best of FRANKIE FRESH/Album/2011

"Fantastiko Mo"/New Single/2013 



Club Koralle/Dresden


Jugenclub Oberg./Bautzen


paschkas neo/Zittau



Megadrom Bar Club/Dresden


Viva Night Bar/Zittau


Youth Club/Olbersdorf


In the House/Vinyl Mix

Disco House/Vinyl Mix

Next Dates:

14.09.13/BACK to VINYL/Club Koralle Dresden

12.10.13/LIGHTs2/paschkas neo/Zittau

02.11.2013/VINYL TYPEN/Hoersturz Dresden

23.11.13/CITY GROOVE/paschkas neo/Zittau

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